Bad day at work? You’re not alone: Brits spend a THIRD of working life stressed finds new author study

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Chantal Burns, the Pearson author, publishes new research into work-related stress

Britons spend more than a third of their working life feeling stressed, according to a major study into performance-related stress and anxiety conducted by the Pearson author, Chantal Burns, pictured above.

Her research revealed that the average employee feels stressed, anxious and worried on 84 days of the year, blaming workload, deadlines and other external factors.
Only a fraction of those affected will confide in a manager, with nearly double choosing to “suffer in silence”.
Over two-thirds admitted that it has a negative impact on their work by reducing levels of motivation, productivity, and self-confidence.
And a third of workers know of at least two ‘working people’ who have been or are taking anti-depressants.
In total, Britons will be experiencing stress for 35% of the average 240 working days of the year, which equates to 3,528 days — or 28,224 hours — over the course of a normal working lifetime.
The research, published today, was conducted by performance psychology firm Star Consultancy as part of a comprehensive study into workplace performance and the perceived cause and effects of stress, anxiety and worry in the British workforce.
The findings highlight a vital need for both employers and employees to understand the nature of stress and for bosses to put state of mind first to ensure a healthy, high-performing workforce.
Burns, one of the UK’s leading experts in state of mind and performance, who commissioned the research for her new book, Instant Motivation, said the findings are a “massive call to action”.
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