Palamedes PR appointed by actor and musician Chris Guard and cult Indie musician Stuart Walton

Palamedes PR

Chris Guard, the actor and musician, appoints Palamedes PR

Consumer PR specialist Palamedes PR has been re-appointed to spearhead a publicity campaign for celebrated actor and musician Chris Guard and the cult musician Stuart Walton.

Singer and composer Chris, pictured above, is a familiar face from TV and cinema including starring roles in Return to Treasure Island, the animated Lord of the Rings film and Doctor Who.

He has charged the London-based PR agency with national promotion of his band’s debut album.
‘Dreaming in Public’ by Leapfrogtown is set for release later this year.

Chris said: “Music, like acting, has been a life-long passion of mine and I’m delighted to be working with a company like Palamedes that shares the same hopes and vision for Leapfrogtown’s  debut album.”

Anthony Harvison, Palamedes PR Campaigns Director, added: “We are delighted to welcome Chris back into the Palamedes PR family, along with musical collaborator Stu Walton.

“Though he made his name through acting, Chris is also a highly talented  musician and Dreaming in Public is a bold, catchy classic in the making. We look forward to working with Chris to bring Leapfrogtown  to the media’s, and music lovers’, attention.”