Britain’s curry houses could vanish because of post-Brexit immigration rules

Industry leaders warn that post-Brexit immigration plans will turn Britain’s curry houses into “Indian themed English cafés”

The government’s post-Brexit immigration plans will turn Britain’s curry houses into little more than “Indian themed English cafés” serving bland, anglicised dishes like spicy beans on toast, industry leaders have warned.

Asad Khan, the CEO of restaurant support service Offie and a client of consumer PR agency Palamedes, said stricter laws will mean Indian and Bangladeshi chefs are replaced by untrained British cooks with no experience of authentic south Asian cuisine.

This will lead to the western homogenisation of Indian restaurants and the cultural misappropriation of recipes and traditional culinary techniques.

Mr Asad Khan Metro
Palamedes PR

It will also result in technically challenging dishes like paturi, chicken momo and Kashmiri harissa disappearing from the high street altogether.

Instead, Mr Khan said diners should expect hybrid ‘Brindish’ menus – English café staples with “added curry powder”. These might include spicy beans on toast, naan bread with coronation chicken, and jacket potatoes with korma sauce.

Our news story about Mr Khan’s warnings has generated significant national exposure. There has been coverage in the Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Metro, as well as regional coverage with the Manchester Evening News

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