World’s first curry energy drink bhajis onto UK market today

palamedes pr

‘Curry in a Can’, said to be a “delicious and nutritious” blend of curry and caffeine, is unveiled today

India Dining, the award-winning restaurant in Warlingham, Surrey, and an agency client, today unveils a new energy drink that combines caffeine with curry. 

Its £1.99 ‘Curry in a Can’ is said to contain a “delicious and nutritious portion” of processed meat, tinned vegetables and long-life basmati rice. It also has the equivalent of almost 20 teaspoons of sugar and a whopping 3.5g of salt, more than half the recommended daily intake (RDI) for adults. Each 500ml can is also packed with 190mg of caffeine, over half the RDI and significantly more than Red Bull, Monster Energy and other well-known brands.

According to its advertising slogan, the Curry in a Can promises consumers the “ultimate CiC” when they need it most. It is aimed at commuters and other “busy people” who do not have the time to sit down and eat a curry at lunch or dinner time.

The can comes in three varieties – korma, madras and vindaloo – and there is also a vegetarian option. Copious amounts of sauce are added to ensure that larger chunks of meat or vegetables do not get stuck in the pull tab.

Creator and restaurant owner Asad Khan admitted the product – available as a takeaway on its menu – sounded like an April Fools prank, but added: “The fact remains that Britons love a curry but many busy people do not have the opportunity to eat one in a restaurant. “The Curry in a Can solves that problem, and provides the ultimate perk-you-up at the same time”.

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