Bear Grylls, step aside: meet the new (and far prettier) face of survival TV

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Emma Massingale, the new face of survival TV

An intrepid adventurer is following in the footsteps of Bear Grylls by filming a new survival documentary on an uninhabited Irish island.

Emma Massingale, a long-standing agency client, will be marooned on Freaghillaun South where she will attempt to subsist for an entire month without a support crew or camera team.

The 70 acre island, situated off the wild Connemara coast, is described as one of the most remote and least visited places in Western Europe. It is buffeted by 70mph winds, and its exposed position in the Atlantic Ocean means Emma has little chance of avoiding the extreme elements.

The nearest hospital is in 80km away, a two-hour journey by boat and road if high winds prevent aircraft flight.

Emma, 32, will take basic provisions, including a tent and a portable gas stove, but her only ‘luxury’ will be a GoPro and hand held camera on which she will film her progress for a TV feature film to be aired later this year.

Her only company for the 30-day ‘Island Project’ will be two wild local Connemara ponies, along with four of her own Connemara’s which Emma – one of the world’s most respected equine behaviourists – hopes to tame without the use of any saddles or tack.

Emma, from Devon, has now been tipped to become the first female face of survival TV – a path more commonly trod by men like Bear Grylls, Ed Stafford and Ray Mears.

Follow Emma’s progress by visiting The Island Project website, here.

Emma is available for interview through Palamedes PR. Contact us on 0203 1027935.