‘Ethical alternative’ to food delivery apps launched

A new ethical delivery service for restaurants has just launched, offering a viable alternative to current fast-food apps

A new ‘ethical’ alternative to the current range of fast-food delivery apps has just been launched.

Offie‘ is an online portal for restaurants that has been founded by restaurateur Asad Khan and which connects eateries with customers to facilitate the ordering and payment process.

The service can be integrated into websites, social media channels and existing restaurant apps and is said to offer restaurant owners similar benefits to existing apps but without commissions, contracts and order limits.

Pizza boxes
Mr Asad Khan, co-founder of new ethical restaurant ordering service Offie.

Mr Khan, the owner of India Dining in Warlingham, Surrey and a client of consumer PR agency Palamedes, said the launch of Offie is in response to the “emerging threat” of established fast-food apps. 

He said: “Restaurants that sign-up to online delivery apps do receive an increase in takeaway orders. But high commission rates mean they are frequently operating at a loss on every app-based order they receive because the cost of preparing an authentic dish and the price of its ingredients is more than what those restaurants actually receive.

“When coupled with existing staffing issues, these unfair and grossly disproportionate charges are by far the gravest threat to curry houses since their introduction to the UK high streets.”

The launch of Offie has been covered on national trade title Big Hospitality. You can see their full story here

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