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Consumer PR, furniture Tree to Table, Bristol

Tree to Table, the bespoke furniture brand in Blagdon, near Bristol

Palamedes PR has secured more key regional coverage for its new client, Tree to Table, it emerged this morning.

The agency, which specialises in consumer PR, was appointed last month to promote the Somerset-based brand and its bespoke range of furniture. Tree to Table is run by Sir David Wills, the head of one of the West Country’s most prominent families. It introduced the first mass-produced pre-rolled cigarettes to the British public over 200 years ago.

His new venture will produce a select range of ‘exceptional’ pieces using sustainable hardwood felled from his 2,000 acre estate near Bristol. The tables are painstakingly planked, barn dried and crafted by hand in a bid to harness the wood’s “natural imperfections” – a process which can take up to 200 hours. As a mark of quality – and to prevent fakes – each piece will also be stamped with a Griffin, part of the Wills’ family 18th century coat of arms.

Palamedes PR has already secured exposure in a number of regional titles (see previous news posts). And this morning, it emerged that Click Bristol, the digital news platform, is also running the story.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR said: “We’re very grateful to our friends at Click Bristol for their support. It’s great to see regional titles like Click Bristol giving new, local businesses the coverage they deserve. Thank you.”

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Click Bristol, the regional news platform, covers the Tree to Table consumer PR story


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