Love really is in the air: Valentine’s Day ‘anti-flatulence’ curry now available

National print and online coverage for special Valentine's Day curry

Celebrity chef and A-list nutritionist Gurpareet Bains received widespread print and digital coverage today after creating the perfect lockdown meal for Valentine’s Day – the world’s first anti-flatulence curry.
Gurpareet’s take on the traditional chicken madras promises to “light a fire in our hearts”, and not our bottoms, on February 14th.
Unlike most curries, the low-fat dish contains none of the ingredients that normally trigger post-dinner flatulence.
The normal lashings of onions, garlic and chili – all known culprits of unpleasant gas – have been reduced by half.
And standard table salt is replaced with black salt, which aids digestion and reduces the noise and odour of any “embarrassing little slips”.
Fennel seeds, cardamoms, cloves and ginger, meanwhile, are all tried and tested flatulence aids used to treat gastrointestinal ailments.
Breaking wind after eating cannot be entirely avoided because it is a natural by-product of digestion.
But Bains said his curry is a safer bet than most, especially for those with sensitive stomachs.
The recipe – designed specifically for a Valentine’s Day in lockdown – offers an inexpensive romantic meal for two without the risk of flatulence, or worse, in the bedroom, he said.
Bains, an award-winning chef and bestselling cookery author, first hit the headlines in 2009 after creating a cancer-fighting superfood curry.
His fans now include a host of celebrities including DJ Chris Evans, designer Vivienne Westwood, and the Royal Family.
He said: “Lockdown romance is hard enough without any embarrassing little slips on Valentine’s Day.
“This curry should – and I must stress should – guarantee an incident-free evening.
Gurpareet Bains Valentines Day Curry
Gurpareet Bains’ special Valentine’s Day curry promises to ignite a flame in our hearts, and not our bottoms, on February 14th.
Gurpareet Bains
Above: Celebrity chef and A-list nutritionist Gurpareet Bains whose fans include a host of celebrities including DJ Chris Evans, designer Vivienne Westwood, and the Royal Family.
RECIPE (serves two):
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
6 cardamom pods
3 cloves
Half a small onion, diced
1 garlic clove, sliced
½ teaspoon turmeric
½ teaspoon ground chilli
1 teaspoon black salt, or to taste
2 tablespoons fennel seeds, ground
½ can of tomatoes, blended until smooth
2 tablespoons grated (peeled) fresh root ginger
500g skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut in large pieces
1 teaspoon asafoetida
Handful of dried fenugreek leaves
Freshly chopped coriander
1. Heat a deep non-stick saucepan until it is very hot. Pour in the coconut oil and continue heating until the oil starts to smoke. Remove from the heat and quickly add the cumin seeds, cardamom pods and cloves so that they pop in the hot oil.
2. Add the onion and fry on a medium heat until the onion is light brown in colour, remembering to stir frequently – this should take no more than a few minutes.
3. Stir in the garlic and fry for about 1–2 minutes or until a light brown colour. Sprinkle in the turmeric, ground chilli and black salt. Mix well and cook for about 20 seconds. 
4. Mix in the ground fennel seeds. Pour in the blended tomatoes, together with the ginger and cook for about five minutes or until the excess juices in the saucepan have dried off and you can see small bubbles of oil in the sauce. Remember to keep stirring occasionally.
5. Add the chicken to the pan, mix well and cook until it is sealed all over, stirring constantly. This should take no more than 5 minutes.
6. Pour in enough boiling hot water to cover the chicken. Mix through the asafoetida and simmer on a gentle heat uncovered for 40 minutes. Remember to stir occasionally. Mix through the dried fenugreek leaves about 10 minutes before taking off from the heat.
7. Season with the chopped coriander. Serve with your choice of sides.

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