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India Dining created the world’s hottest Easter egg in 2013. Now it’s created the world’s first “inter-religious” Easter Egg for Christians and Hindus

Palamedes PR secured significant national publicity for its client India Dining over the Easter weekend.

The story about the world’s first “inter-religious” Easter Egg attracted media exposure within a number of print, broadcast and digital platforms.

Its ‘Vishneaster Egg’ was created to mark the arrival of Easter and the Hindu festival of Vishu. Made with curry-flavoured chocolate, the unusual egg contains tiny scrolls with sacred texts from both the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures, and the Bible.

Our story secured widespread regional coverage in the days leading-up to the Easter weekend, including on Get Surrey – a site attracting more than 260,000 unique visitors per month. Previous media coverage can be found in earlier posts.

But it went on to appear in the Mail Online and in the Deccan Chronicle, the largest circulated English language newspaper in South India.

Restaurant owner Asad Khan was also interviewed by BBC Surrey, which broadcast the interview on Thursday last week.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, a specialist news-generation PR agency, said the PR campaign for a “wonderful success”.

Palamedes PR has represented India Dining since 2009, during which time it has secured well in excess of 1,000 page leads internationally for the brand.

Our stories have included this year’s Vishneaster Egg, the world’s hottest Easter Egg – called the ‘Not for Bunnies’ – in 2013, the world’s first curry-scented perfume (Tears on my Pilau), and an incredible story about Jesus’ face being spotted on a naan bread (“For the Loaf of God”).

“Palamedes PR, an award-winning consumer PR agency, has a proven track record for securing regional, national and international publicity for its clients, “a spokesman for the London PR agency said.

“The latest consumer PR campaign was a wonderful success and demonstrates the reach and effects of our work.

“The PR campaign exceeded the client’s PR expectations and yielded an exceptional return on PR investment.”


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By Anthony Harvison



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