Daily Express (Print & Online) and Daily Star covers Flight 370 update

The Express and the Daily Star have this morning covered the story about how the suicidal pilot of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 may have killed himself and his passengers by switching off the oxygen supply.

It follows new revelations from Ewan Wilson, the co-author of Goodnight Malaysian 370, during the Kiwi’s visit to the UK. The story has been covered in the print and digital editions of today’s Express, and in today’s print edition Daily Star.

Wilson’s research, which was conducted with co-author Geoff Taylor, concluded that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah locked co-pilot Fariq Hamid out of the cockpit, closed down all communication links and turned the aircraft around.

The pair believe that Shah then depressurised the plane – causing those on board to die from hypoxia once the oxygen had run out.

Mr Wilson believes the pilot then made eight different course changes before finally allowing the jet to fly on auto-pilot for the remaining hours of its ill-fated journey into the southern Indian Ocean.