Palamedes Announces ‘The Daily Male’ Journalism Blog

The Daily Male blog promises to shock, but its author’s identity remains a close-guarded secret

By Anthony Harvison

28th January, 2013

Palamedes is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of a weekly journalism blog, ‘The Daily Male’.

The Daily Male is described as an “all-access pass to the fascinating – and little-known – world of tabloid journalism”.

Penned anonymously by a long-standing Daily Mail journalist, it promises to be an honest, humorous and insightful account of life in one of the world’s busiest newsrooms.

The first post is expected to go live on the Palamedes website this week.

Jon Kirk, the agency’s managing director, said the decision to publish the blog – and to do anonymously – was based upon “client feedback”.

“The Daily Male will tackle the day-to-day challenges which reporters face, and bring one of the busiest newsrooms in the world to life,” he said.

“The blog will in no way trivialise the paper, its operations, or its staff, with which we enjoy excellent relations.”

He added: “We respect the wishes of the blogger and have agreed to publish the blog anonymously. We trust this will enable the writer to provide us, and our readers, with more detailed, open posts.”