Hazel Blears MP on Neil Blower’s ‘Dividing Lines’ lecture: ‘Exceptional’


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Neil Blower with Jacqui Putnam, a 7/7 survivor, on the House of Commons terrace following the author’s engaging ‘Dividing Lines’ anti-terror lecture

Neil Blower’s lecture at the House of Commons yesterday was an “outstanding hit”, audience members said.

The Royal Tank Regiment veteran turned to writing after being struck down with PTSD following tours of Kosovo and Iraq. His troop sergeant was the first British casualty of the Iraq War.

His lecture took the title of his second book, “Dividing Lines”, and discussed the threat of home-grown terrorism and the methods which we, as a nation, could employ to minimise it.

The lecture was organised by the Labour MP Hazel Blears, who sits on the Government’s cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC).

Audience members included 7/7 survivors, peace campaigners, and other ISC members.

Speaking after the event Mrs Blears, the MP for Salford and Eccles, said: “I would like to thank Neil for his informative lecture, which engaged every member of his audience.”

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A great review by ARRSE

A great review by ARRSE

By Mick Blight

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