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Dr Rainer Zitelmann interviewed by BBC Radio Ulster

Respected German political scientist and sociologist Dr Rainer Zitelmann has been interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster about the secrets of the wealth elite.

Dr Zitelmann, a client of book PR agency Palamedes PR spoke on weekly programme Sunday Sequence about some of the main findings of his groundbreaking academic investigation into the common personality traits and behavioural patterns of the super-rich.

For the study, he questioned and critically examined the background, education and drivers of 45 individuals with personal assets of up to 7billion EUROS (£6.2billion). His findings reveal the prevailing characteristics that enable phenomenal economic success.

Surprisingly, the research found that an individual’s background, academic achievement and occupation do not account for their success.

In contrast, the richest in society often come from staunchly middle-class families, were not
the top of their class, and eschewed employment to go it alone as an entrepreneur.

While the research shows that no one case fits all, this wealth elite do tend to share certain characteristics in common. They are typically non-conformists who are never content to follow the herd and are both extremely confident in their own talents and quick to blame themselves – rather than others – for any set-backs they encounter.

The research has been published in best-selling title The Wealth Elite.

You can listen to the interview HERE.

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