Swansea Techhub partners with DVLA to nurture “unsung” British developers


Mike Bracken, head of Government Digital Service, at Techhub Swansea

Swansea Techhub, the networking community of technology and software firms, has received extensive media coverage after partnering with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The DVLA announced last week that it is to invest in the future of “home grown” businesses in a move that promises to reduce its £100m-a-year reliance on multinational IT firms.
The Swansea-based agency plans to inject a six-figure sum, plus time and talent, into South Wales’s digital economy, which is now home to an increasing number of software companies.
It wants to nurture the development of “unsung” British developers by forging links with technology start-ups in the region.
The agency hopes to tap into their “cutting edge skills” by partnering with TechHub Swansea with a view of improving the digital services it provides to the public.
WalesOnline, Techworld and a wide variety of other publications and platforms have covered the story since the announcement was made at the official partnership launch last week.

WalesOnline covers the story about Techhub’s partnership with the DVLA


Techworld covers the partnership story between Swansea Techhub and the DVLA


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