Mathematical formula for perfect presentation makes yawns and glazed eyes a thing of the past

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Author Ed Gruwez identifies a formula for the perfect presentation which is in today’s Times

Ed Gruwez is in today’s Times after devising a formula for the perfect presentation. 

The author of Presentation Thinking and Design: Create Better Presentations, Quicker (FT Publishing), calculated that a faultless presentation, about any given subject, must contain exact quanities of “cognitive load”, “message strength”, and “handle effect”.

The size of the audience and the legnth of presentation also play a “crucial role”, as does the relevance of content and the attractiveness of the slides or literature.

A “perfect pinch” of each will leave audiences bouyed-up and hungry for more.

But too much or too little of any one component can lead to “presentation passivity” – where audiences switch-off and start daydreaming.

The secret formula – Effect=(1/(realitive time))^(1/(Audience Interest)) ((Key message strength  )/(|(Group size) ̅-3|  × ∑_i▒〖1/i |Time 〖Msg〗_i-Time 〖Msg〗_(i-1) | 〗)+0.5 (Handle Effect)/(|Handle Nr-Handle Guide|+1)+0.3 (Slide Attractiveness × Synchronicity)/(Cognitive Load)) – is the culmination of an ongoing study.

He found that 45 per cent of presentations are “much too long”, and that in 47 of cases, audiences learned “virtually nothing whatsoever”.

Only a quarter of all presentations produce a marked effect, despite employees spending an average of nine hours-a-week delivering, preparing, or sitting through them.

Gruwez, whose new book ‘Presentation Thinking & Design: Design better presentations, Quicker’ hits the shelves this week, admits the equation may not withstand the scrutiny of the scientific community.

But he said: “The basis of the formula is correct – that is, presentations which do not balance the correct quantities of each ingredient will cause boredom, passivity and a general feeling among the audience that the presenter is a teeny weeny bit dull.”

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Author Ed Gruwez has identified a formula for the perfect presentation