Celebrity horse trainer Emma Massingale pulls off ‘Roman Style’ stunt

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Emma Massingale stands atop two steeds with no reins and just her voice as controls

Emma Massingale, the British stuntwoman and celebrity horse trainer, has been featured in a string of regional publications after completing the most dangerous feat in horsemanship.

Emma, 31, reached speeds of up to 20mph with one foot on the back of each horse and used just her voice to control the animals.

Balancing with one foot on each horse is known as ‘Roman-style’ and using only voice commands for movements is known as ‘liberty’.

Both are incredibly dangerous feats by themselves, but to combine them is considered the ultimate feat in horse riding which only a handful of riders worldwide can do.

It took Emma nearly two years to master the practice of Roman-style riding and liberty voice controls, perfecting the technique at her training facility in Devon.

She has got so good at the technique that she can now control 12 horses at once with just her voice.

Emma, who was nearly paralysed after a riding accident in 2011, now hopes to share her skills internationally with her new Extreme Equestrian Roman Riding Liberty Team.

Our story appeared in a variety of key regional media near her home in Bradworthy, including the Western Morning News and Western Daily Press, yesterday afternoon.

Emma has been an agency client since 2009. Learn more about Emma’s Riding Team here.

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Horse whisperer Emma Massinagle with Marcus