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Fantasy author Jay Northearn appoints Palamedes PR

Author Jay Northearn has appointed book PR agency Palamedes PR to promote his debut novel, Beyond Falcon’s Reach.

The agency will be working with Jay to generate nationwide exposure for his book, a genre-bending mix of epic fantasy, steampunk and vampire fiction that’s just been released by U.S-based Nuff Said Publishing.

The novel takes place against the background of an ancient treaty between land-folk and the blood-dependent mountain people, which is now at a precipice as a new ice age converges and a rising evil threatens all. Craving power and near-immortality, Mourde Cullis of Falcon’s Reach produces a mythical blood-elixir under the auspices of a fanatical cult, but after capturing the daughter of a Landmaster the consequences are disastrous.

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