Further media attention for Goodnight Malaysian 370

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Authors Geoff Taylor, left, and Ewan Wilson, right, holding a copy of Goodnight Malaysian 370, the first definitive independent study into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines 370

Revelations from authors Ewan Wilson and Geoff Taylor about the fate of Flight 370 – and how its passengers may have died from oxygen starvation – have secured more media attention, it emerged this morning.

The authors, who are from New Zealand, believe that those on board the airliner may have died from hypoxia many hours before its pilot performed a deliberate controlled ditching in the Indian Ocean.

They spent four months researching “every possible scenario” before making the disclosure in their new book, ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370’, which hit the shelves last week.

Sites including Asia One, 9 News (Australia), The Epoch Times, and Hallels (U.S) are all running the story. It follows dozens of page leads in the international media after our story broke through South West News Service last week. Explore all the media coverage this story has secured on our book PR portfolio, here.

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