Goodnight Malaysian 370 coverage update (1pm)

In addition to the national and international publicity highlighted in previous posts, and at the time of writing, Goodnight Malaysian 370 has also been featured in today’s:

Daily Star (Print), Daily Mirror (Print, with front page teaser and double-page spread), Daily Record (Print), (Online, Australia’s No.1 news site, with 3.7million unique visitors), the Huffington Post UK (Online, 9million unique visitors per month), The Inquisitr (Online, around 8million page views per month), Malaysia Chronicle (Online, approximately 119,000 unique visitors per day), RSVP (Online, around 200,000 unique visitors per month), and (Online).

Our publicist Jon Kirk, who has been behind dozens of global campaigns, believes the PR campaign for Goodnight Malaysian 370 may be the most successful book PR campaign of 2014.

Based upon column inches, international reach, social media engagement and timescales (Palamedes PR was appointed last week), the campaign would, he says, be “very difficult to top”.

Explore all the coverage from this campaign, and from others, on the book PR portfolio, here.

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