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Four-skull review for The First Bride in the UK’s most popular horror magazine

Scream, the UK’s most popular horror magazine, has awarded a coveted ‘four-skull’ review to new Gothic novel The First Bride by Katja Brown.

The debut by Brown, a client of author PR agency Palamedes PR, was praised by the reviewer for its good balance of “macabre mystery, humour and visceral thrills”.

It was said to be a “strong entry in the Dracula canon” with fans of vintage horror finding “much to enjoy” between its pages.

Katja, who is only in her early 20s and still at university, was also singled out as a talented author with a “bright future in store”.

The First Bride tells the story of a young countess who ventures to Transylvania, where she encounters Count Dracula and returns to England as a changed woman with a newborn vampire perspective of time and death.

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Palamedes PR, the book PR agency

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