Future-Proofing: Media Coverage

Searching and uploading ‘missing’ media coverage is a laborious task.

By (Captain) Kirk


The importance of future-proofing hit home this week when it transpired that our new website is missing a significant chunk of online coverage. To be more specific, it’s lacking an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 page leads, features, shorts and NIBs from a variety of digital platforms. It wasn’t that we didn’t spot it, or that clients weren’t made aware of the exposure we secured (we use a variety of search tools for this purpose). We simply failed to capture each and every screenshot and upload them there and then.

As tempting as it was to pass (or violently throw) the buck, the blame lay squarely with me for failing to introduce a sound capture process at the outset.

It was a hard pill to swallow but a valuable lesson learned. Worse things happen at sea but the oversight means countless man hours will be lost by tapping-in each recorded URL, capturing the screenshot, giving it a caption, and adding it to the website. It will take several weeks of painstaking effort, no doubt, and will significantly increase our small team’s workload.

Not a great Friday, then.

The upshot, if there is one, is that I now recognise the value of future-proofing every aspect of the business against minor, and potentially major, inconveniences. We’re a small, independent consultancy but are testament to the importance of putting systems in place from the beginning – regardless of size and turnover. From this week forward, Captain Kirk will no longer steer the ship without checking the boiler room is being stoked. That is, if I’m not ordered to walk the plank first.

Until next time,