Glowing testimonial from Goodnight Malaysian 370 authors

Goodnight Malaysian 370

Authors Geoff Taylor, left, and Ewan Wilson, right, holding a copy of Goodnight Malaysian 370, the first definitive independent study into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines 370

Goodnight Malaysian 370 authors Ewan Wilson and Geoff Taylor have praised Palamedes PR as the “new benchmark” in book PR campaigns.

The glowing testimonals from the New Zealand-based authors comes after a hugely successful campaign for their book which generated extensive coverage both nationally and internationally.

Speaking about their experiences with award-winning agency Palamedes PR, Ewan Wilson said: “It is not often that I have worked with a group of individuals with the level on competency, professionalism and dedication to their work that I have recently experienced working with Palamedes.

“You never over promised but you constantly over delivered. I can add no suggestions to how you could improve your service  as simply Palamedes is the new benchmark.

“The level of media attention we received was simply outstanding. It has enabled us to generate satisfactory sales which has lead our book, ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370, to number 1 on Amazon UK  in our category.”

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