Guardian online runs cyber security article with MBA comment

Palamedes PR

Janet Harris of the MBAs discusses the effects of cyber crime for small businesses

Guardian online ran an informative piece about cyber hacking last week, and featured the Monmouthshire Business Awards (MBA) as a case study.

The article, which identified the problems that small businesses face if their website suffers a security breach, included comments from MBA founder, Janet Harris.

She explained the consequences of her own site being hacked, adding: “It could have been the end of the awards, and I’m not exaggerating. If businesses couldn’t put their application in, we couldn’t have a ceremony. We had to extend the deadline, but now we’re running on a very tight timeline because of it.”

According to the Guardian, and the latest statistic from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, some 60 per cent of small businesses experienced a security breach last year.

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