Guest blogger: Gurpareet Bains

Gurpareet Bains World's healthiest Meal

Celebrity chef Gurpareet Bains, the creator of the ‘world’s healthiest meal’, preparing the infamous ‘Insomnia-no-more’ lamb masala


Currying Favour

By Gurpareet Bains

My name is Gurpareet Bains and, for those of you who might not know me, I’m an author and professional chef. I’ll be writing a series of posts about my journey into so-called ‘celebrity’, and I’d be delighted if you could join me for the ride.

It feels as if I’ve spent the biggest chunk of my life creating culinary concepts and weaving them into recipe books. I struggle to remember my life being anything else. It all kicked off back in 2007 when I came up with the ‘Indian Superfood’ concept by combining superfoods with superspices in the nation’s favourite food – curry. At first people thought I was a little crazy. Indeed it only seems as if it were yesterday when publishers laughed in my face in sheer disbelief. An agent who represents one of today’s biggest names in TV even went as far as to call me “a useless waste of space”.

However, with sheer hard graft, a generous pinch of kismet and a tremendous amount of faith, the winds of change did come about for me. In 2009 I created the ‘world’s healthiest meal’ that led to my bestselling debut recipe book, Indian Superfood.  Chris Evans even went as far as to declare my curry as the “best-ever curry” as well as offer his hand in marriage.  And, most recently I managed to stir up the whole country with my Insomnia-No-More Curry that had a few radio presenters nodding off live on-air. The Express called it the “Biryawni”, and The Sun pronounced their “heads hit the pilau”. Cheesy one-liners aside, this fracas is a part of my latest recipe book, Indian Superspices.

Of course creating concepts and writing books just wouldn’t be enough on their own. I’ve almost lost count of the times that I’ve found myself chasing celebrities up and down the road with tiffin box in hand to muster support for my projects. And, for the record, celebrity-hunting has proved a particularly successful ‘sport’ for me and I can now boast a string of fans that even include members of our very own Royal Family. Gratefully, not even once have I found myself roughed up by a security guard.

At times it feels as if I am on a high-speed train travelling somewhere, but I’m not exactly sure when the journey ends or how I get off – it just keeps on evolving. I often ask myself, am I driving the train, or is the train driving me?

In my next post, we’ll travel into the wonderful world of the Indian Superfood.

Bye for now, G

Wednesday 19th March, 2013