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More publicity for Money, Blood and Revolution, the superb new title from Harriman House

Palamedes PR secures more book PR coverage for Harriman House.

Money, Blood and Revolution, the acclaimed new title from Harriman House, has received more key trade publicity, it has emerged.

The title by Dr George Cooper today appears on Global Banking & Finance Review, a site which 2.5million unique visitors per year, is read in over 200 different countries, and whose readership consists largely of Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’S and Senior Decision makers within Fortune 500 companies.

The credit industry’s leading editorial publication, Credit Collections & Risk Magazine, is also carrying the story. It has a readership of over 42,000.

Both publications focus upon Dr Cooper’s observations that the global financial meltdown could have been “largely avoided” by applying Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution to banking.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, a leading book PR agency, said: “I would like to thank Global Banking and Credit Collections magazines for their invaluable support.”

By Mick Blight