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How your company could be missing out on innovation

New research by corporate innovation expert Tendayi Viki has revealed that most organisations are struggling to maximise the opportunities offered by innovation.

Viki, the founder of innovation consultancy Benneli Jacobs and a client of author PR agency Palamedes, conducted the first annual Innovation Made Tangible report in association with Danish design and innovation consultancy firm 1508.

The study suggests that less than 10 per cent of business leaders questioned were convinced their company had a clearly articulated innovation strategy, while only 11 per cent of respondents were certain that most employees had been made aware of the policy.

Viki, co-author of award-winning business guide  The Corporate Startup, warns that CEOs must actively lead their companies’ innovation efforts and avoid engaging in ‘random acts of innovation’ if they are to take full advantage of innovation for the growth of their business.

The full news story, published on Growth Business as an exclusive, can be seen HERE.

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