India Dining Appoints Palamedes for Consumer PR

India Dining, Warlingham

India Dining, the award-winning Surrey restaurant, has appointed Palamedes PR to handle its consumer PR


India Dining, the award-winning restaurant in Surrey, has appointed Palamedes for consumer PR, it can be announced today.

The restaurant, founded by the millionaire entrepreneur Asad Khan, selected Palamedes on account of its experience and award-winning credentials in consumer PR.

Palamedes will promote the restaurant on a project-basis with a view of raising its profile on a national scale.

The agency has represented India Dining on a project basis since 2009. Previous stories generated by Palamedes include Jesus’ face on a naan bread, and the curry-scented perfume ‘Tears on my Pilau’.

A spokesman for Palamedes said: “We are genuinely delighted to be working with Asad and India Dining once more, and we are grateful that the company selected Palamedes as its PR partner.”