Is this the world’s hardest crossword? Britain’s experts reckon so. Fancy your chances?

So you reckon you’re a crossword expert?

Now’s the time to prove it.

Author and professional crossword compiler Marc Breman, a client of author PR agency Palamedes PR, has created what is considered to be the world’s hardest crossword.

And thanks to the wonderful team over at SWNS, the story has today been featured in the Daily Mail and plenty of others.

The fiendish cryptic crossword features 64 headache-inducing clues and is so tough that it is reckoned that it will take even the most seasoned of crossword-crackers two years to solve.

Palamedes PR was instrumental in securing the national news coverage, promoting Marc’s new crossword-themed novel The Foggiest Notion and website MarcBreman.London on the Mail Online, officially the world’s most popular news website, as well as with the Daily Mirror and ITV News.

This coverage follows earlier national newspaper and broadcast coverage about  how crossword compilers are facing extinction from computers. Much of this publicity can be found elsewhere on our Latest Publicity pages.

Have a try at the world’s hardest crossword over at Marc Breman’s website. The first 10 people to get it right win a copy of The Foggiest Notion plus the accolade of solving the hardest crossword ever created.

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