Latest book PR coverage for ex-MTV star Emma Ledden

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Emma Ledden, the former presenter of Alive and Kicking and MTV, is featured on The Big Choice following the publication of her new title, The Presentation Book

Palamedes PR has secured key exposure for the Pearson Business author, Emma Ledden, it emerged this morning.

The agency, which specialises in book PR, generated coverage on The Big Choice for Ledden’s new title, The Presentation Book.

The Big Choice is the UK’s largest graduate recruitment website, attracting almost 250,000 unique visitors each month.

Ledden, a former presenter of TV’s Alive and Kicking and MTV, is now one of the country’s most respected authorities on presenting.

The Q&A can be found below or read in full on The Big Choice’s website, here.

A spokesman for the book PR firm Palamedes PR, said: “We’re very pleased with the latest coverage for The Presentation Book, and would like to thank The Big Choice for its invaluable support.”

By Mick Blight

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