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Letting go of shame

Author and trauma survivor JH Morgan has contributed an exclusive guest article to a popular women’s lifestyle website.

In the article, Morgan, a client of book PR agency Palamedes PR, explains how victims of sexual assault can free themselves from the sense of shame that follows after such an incident.

In the sensitively-written article, she advises that “Personal shame that stems from a sexual assault isn’t ours to bear. It doesn’t belong in our lives. It belongs to the person or people who stole your innocence, took away your faith in humanity, and hurt you. That shame is not your burden to carry.”

You can read the full article here.

JH Morgan draws upon her own experiences of personal trauma for her writing. Her second and latest novel, The Long Road Home, focuses on a victim of violent abuse who is forced to confront the trauma of her past when she returns to her home town.

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