Living in Wonderland secures national publicity

national book PR

Living in Wonderland by David Twohig receives national and regional publicity

Palamedes PR has today secured national publicity for Harriman House and its new title, Living in Wonderland.

The agency, a specialist in book PR, generated exposure for Living in Wonderland by David Twohig on the Mail Online this afternoon.

Further coverage has been obtained on the Bristol Post, with other titles expected to follow in coming days.

The story focuses upon author David Twohig’s warning that Britain is in danger of becoming a ‘bland, homogenous metropolis’ by the year 2029 as a result of uninspired and cost-cutting developers.

More exposure for Living in Wonderland will be added to the Palamedes PR website as it emerges.

Complimentary review copies of Living in Wonderland are available from the book PR agency, Palamedes PR, by calling 0203 1027935.

By Mick Blight