Read it and weep: third short story by agency client

The novelist and agency client, Neil Blower, provides Palamedes PR with an exclusive snippet of his third short story for Salford Online. Blower, a former frontline soldier, was appointed the paper’s Writer in Residence last month. Cover image courtesy of

Dear Madam

By Neil Blower

The young officer sat in the turret of his war machine, on his knees rested a hard file folder he used as a makeshift desk.

On this sat a piece of paper from the packet he bought before he deployed. A packet of paper he never wanted to open, but he had bought it just in case.

Now, in his shaking hand, he held his special pen, his gold-rimmed Parker fountain pen that made his handwriting look nicer than a normal biro.

He had written many letters in his life, yet he had never written one as important, nor as hard as the one he was trying to write now. He put the pen onto the paper and started.

Dear Madam. No. Dear Madam, your son.

No. Dear Madam, I’m writing to inform you.

No. Jesus. What do I say? How do I start this letter?

Dear Madam, your son was a good soldier, he died doing something he loved. No, that’s crap, why would she care about that?

Dear Madam, the truth is your son was your son. Your little boy, and now he’s dead and I really don’t have the words. I wish there was something I could say to give a little comfort. Read more…