Not Blowing Smoke up…My Dream Team

“The ultimate Dream Team is not an exercise in blowing smoke up backsides…”

By Jon Kirk

If you could create the ultimate dream team, who would they be? If you could pick the very best of the best – and if salaries were no object – what 10 inspirational, talented professionals would you hire to build or cement your business empire?

There are four basic rules:
1. Your dream team must comprise those you’ve worked alongside or for – a former colleague, boss, trainer, consultant or client, for example
2. The dream team cannot include existing staff members or current colleagues – these, after all, are your real dream team
3. Each person on your list must, ideally, be alive and kicking; and
4. Be honest – this isn’t an exercise in blowing smoke up backsides.

Selecting a dream team isn’t easy. I had a (very) long list of candidates which, over time and much agonising, has been whittled down to a Top 10. These are people who continue to inspire me – and to whom I look, and more than occasionally turn to, for help.

 In no particular order, my Dream: Team Top 10 is:

Martin Winter, South West News Service

Martin Winter, Group News Editor, South West News Service

Relationship: Former boss

Why? An exceptional editor and manager with the ability to produce and edit outstanding news copy at lightning speed.





Chris Bucktin, Head of Content, Daily Mirror

Chris Bucktin, Head of Content, Daily Mirror


Relationship: Former boss

Why? Chris sees the newsworthy wood through the trees when no one else can. He spots the angle and his intuition almost always pays off. A brilliant news and features editor.




Darrren Searle – an impeccable copywriter


Darren Searle, Associate Creative Director, Weapon7

Relationship: Former Colleague
Why? A no-nonsense and highly-talented copywriter with a broad working knowledge of the wider marketing industry.





Andy Bloxham, Bell Pottinger

 Andy Bloxham, Associate Director, Bell Pottinger

Relationship: Former colleague
Why: A brilliant national journalist and publicist, who commands respects from colleagues and clients alike.





Will Massingale, MAS Construction

Will Massingale, owner MAS Construction

Relationship: client
Why? A highly-skilled and respected business owner whose dedication and work ethic is a (tiring) joy to behold. He’s also a damn good climber.





Phil Harris, Owner – Inspired Sports

Relationship: client
Why? Philip has no formal communications experience but nevertheless possesses the key attributes of a skilled marketeer: strategic foresight, bucket loads of tenacity – and a hefty contacts book.





Doug Shields, editorial director 72P

Doug Shields, Editorial Director, 72Point

Relationship: former colleague
Why? An outstanding publicist. What Doug doesn’t know about producing consumer-driven PR stories isn’t worth knowing.





Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Oli Scarff, Staff Photographer, Getty Images

Relationship: former colleague
Why? A super-talented photographer, whose images continue to grace the national media on a daily basis.





Greg Charlton, Everystep Financial

Greg Charlton, Owner, Every Step Financial

Relationship: Advisor
Why? Greg cuts through the usual financial waffle and delivers straight-talking recommendations in layman’s terms.





Rick Yates, owner V3 Tours

Relationship: Former IT Director

Why? Rick produces outstanding sites from the merest scraps of information; he takes the faintest whiff of a concept and brings it to an on-brand reality. A superb designer.


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Until next time.