Author Oggy Boytchev in Huffington Post and Ham & High

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Respected journalist and BBC producer Oggy Boytchev

Oggy Boytchev, the celebrated BBC producer and director, has featured in the Ham & High following his disclosures about the possible use of “journo drones” in frontline war reporting.

The paper, which reaches approximately 53,000 readers on a weekly basis through its print edition and its website, ran an in-depth interview with Boytchev following the publication of his new book, ‘Simpson & I: Between Two Worlds’.

Its entertainment supplement, Et Cetera, also carried a DPS and cover teaser about Boytchev and his experiences of working with John Simpson.

The latest regional coverage follows extensive publicity for Simpson & I: Between Two Worlds in the national media. Most recently, this includes an op-ed by Boytchev in the Huffington Post, in which he explains why he “passionately believe that within the next decade or even sooner unmanned remote control drones fitted with high definition gyroscopic cameras will change the role of the war reporter, as we know it.”

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