Are you shore? Pacific Row team tests the water in Oxfordshire

Farmoor Reservoir, the site of Pacific Row 2014's first inland water exercise

Farmoor Reservoir, the site of Pacific Row 2014’s first inland water exercise

Britain’s Pacific Row 2014 team will undertake its first inland training exercise at Farmoor Reservoir in Oxfordshire this morning.

Local firefighters will use two high-pressure pumps to “dowse and disorientate” team member Darren Taylor as he rows.

The drill, which begins at 11am, is designed to give Darren and his co-rower Alex Flynn – who will not be present – a “real-life introduction” to the realities – and horrors – of the open ocean.

Darren was kindly loaned a boat from Farmoor Reservoir, pictured above, sailing club because the team’s own custom-made rowing boat is still under construction.

Both Pacific Row 2014 and Palamedes PR would like to thank Thames Water for kindly allowing access.

High-res images, in addition to full copy, is available from Palamedes PR, the team’s PR partner.

By Mick Blight