Palamedes Client India Dining Creates World’s Hottest Easter Egg

India Dining owner Asad Khan with the "Not for Bunnies" Easter egg

India Dining owner Asad Khan with the “Not for Bunnies” Easter egg

By Anthony Harvison

Award-winning Surrey restaurant India Dining has created what it believed to be the world’s hottest Easter egg.

The Warlingham-based restaurant, a long-standing Palamedes client which won the "Best in Surrey" accolade by the Cobra Curry Club Guide, has used three of the hottest known chillies to create it.

The "Not for Bunnies" chocolate egg, priced £49.95, contains the fiery Ghost Chilli, the Scotch Bonnet, and the habanero.

It registers 1million on the Scoville scale – the equivalent punch of 400 bottles of TOBASCO sauce – and is so hot that diners must wear protective gloves while eating it.

India Dining owner Asad Khan said: "It’s a rather unconventional Easter treat, but the eggs are, in fact, delicious."