Palamedes PR appointed by author David Grant

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a publicity campaign for author and historian David Grant.

The agency will be working with Grant on the promotion of his forthcoming non-fiction title In Search Of The Lost Testament Of Alexander The Great.

Described as a unique ‘backstory’ to the history, and the result of a decade of academic research, the book follows Grant’s voyage into the ocean of anecdotes, testimony and propaganda to separate myth from fact concerning the death of Alexander the Great and the wars of succession that followed.

Grant said: “After reading the available texts, both ancient testimony and modern reconstructions, I was dissatisfied with conclusions drawn to date about the death of history’s most successful military figure.

“It reminds us how little we really know about the episodes attached to the campaigning Macedonian king, who, in a bloody and destructive decade, changed the face of the Graeco-Persian world forever.

“After a decade of impartial study, I am ready to put forward a wholly new interpretation of Alexander’s death and the politics that led to the division of his empire, and am looking forward to working with Palamedes PR to help disseminate it.”

Anthony Harvison, Palamedes PR campaigns director, added: “Over two millennia after his death, Alexander the Great still holds a fascination, compounded by the many mysteries that still remain regards his life and early death aged just 32.

“David Grant has dedicated the last 10 years to bringing a new understanding to the story of Alexander. In Search Of The Lost Testament Of Alexander The Great is presented in an entertaining and compelling style that will sure to resonate with readers.”

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