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Palamedes PR appointed by author Hannah De Giorgis

Author Hannah De Giorgis has appointed book PR agency Palamedes PR to promote her debut novel, Threads in Time.

The agency will be working with Hannah to secure nationwide exposure for her science-fiction novel, which sees protagonist Lyndall Huxley cast thousands of years into the future as part of a programme for which she volunteered. The ruins of the urbanised world she left behind have been overrun by green woodland and she embarks upon a journey that will leave her questioning her identity, and the real reasons for the time-travel programme she signed up to.

The novel was published at the close of January and is currently riding high in the Amazon Kindle charts.

If you are a first-time author then Palamedes PR is here to help with a range of guaranteed packages. You can learn more about our approach to PR by checking out our FAQ page. If you’d like to discuss a campaign then you can reach our PR team HERE.


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