Book PR – Palamedes PR appointed by Dr Fred Nour

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a publicity campaign for neurologist and neurophysiologist Dr Fred Nour.

The agency will be working with Dr Nour on the promotion of his new book, ‘True Love: Use Science to Understand Love’, which is set to go on sale in the UK later this year.

The book is the first analysis of love written by a brain scientist and in easy-to-understand language details the latest research and understanding about this most fundamental of human experiences.

Dr Nour, selected six times as one of “America’s Top Physicians”, said: “Understanding love through the brain science is important, because there is a biological basis to mate selection and a biological rhythm to falling in and out of love.

“In writing True Love I shed light on the mysteries of love with the hope of making people better informed about their decisions and expectations in relationships, and ultimately to leading to unions that are more genuine, rewarding, meaningful and permanent.”

Anthony Harvison, Palamedes PR campaigns director, added: “True Love is a fascinating investigation of love, offering a scientific explanation for our feelings as well as fact-based guidance on enjoying a better love life.

“The book has already enjoyed great success in the USA and we are looking forward to raising awareness of the title in the UK, as well as France and Germany.”

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