Palamedes PR appointed by property investment entrepreneur Paul McFadden

Property investment entrepreneur Paul McFadden has appointed author PR agency Palamedes PR, it was revealed today.

The agency will be working with McFadden, a respected authority on wealth creation, to generate publicity for him and his property investment course, Property Protege.

We shall also be promoting his new book, practical property investment guide ‘Your Property Jumpstart’.

With no funds, no experience, and no track record, Paul built a multi-million pound property portfolio, bought, sold and traded millions of pounds worth of property, and has packaged over £250 million worth of property investments.

He has also been responsible for helping countless others from all background and income brackets, including many prominent and well known people in the property industry, become full time property investors.

Anthony Harvison, Campaigns Director at Palamedes PR, said: “Paul McFadden is an inspirational figure who proves that with the right mindset and strategy, anyone can become a successful property investor.

“We are thrilled to be working with him on this campaign, and bringing his proven insights into wealth creation through tactical property investment to a wider UK audience.”

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