Palamedes PR appointed by Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a publicity campaign for distinguished Islamic scholar Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi.

The agency will be working with Shaykh Muhammad on the promotion of his new book, ‘Refuting Isis’, which sets out  to clearly and systematically expose why the theology of ISIS and similar terrorist organisations are in contravention with the teachings of Islam.

The book, which calls upon sacred texts and classical works to support its arguments, is intended as a powerful and insightful resource that clarifies the position of Sunni Islam towards ISIS and its atrocities, both for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Shaykh Muhammad, a descendent of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and ranked among the 500 most influential Muslims by Georgetown University, said: “There is a myriad of proofs to destroy the allegations made by ISIS and expose their manipulation of the Sharia, but knowledge of these proofs is confined to scholars who are familiar with the classical texts and is generally not accessible to the average reader.

“To address this knowledge gap, I wrote Refuting ISIS. This book proceeds through a series of carefully constructed arguments, proving that the so-called ‘Islamic State’ is neither Islamic nor a state, but rather a deviant group that is driven by anger, hatred, and a thirst for power, using Islam to reach their goals.”

A spokesperson for Palamedes PR added: “In these troubled time, Refuting ISIS is an important book that sets out the author’s stance on ISIS with a view to educating readers on what Islam does and does not stand for, and by fighting Islamic extremism around the world by challenging its ideological underpinnings.”

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