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Palamedes PR announces plans for series of free PR ebooks

Palamedes PR has been featured on the news site,, after announcing plans to publish a series of PR ebooks about the industry’s most common practice areas.

They will be aimed at start-ups and small businesses, and at other non-practitioners looking for insights into effective PR campaigns.

The guides will not provide ‘how-to’ instruction, but will examine the outcomes of real PR campaigns and highlight what made those campaigns successful.

Topics are set to include book PR, consumer PR, property PR, B2B PR, travel and tourism PR and PR stunts.

Palamedes PR, which specialises in national media coverage, also plans to release a separate ebook for PR professionals. This will discuss the challenges facing bona fide practitioners in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Its PR ebooks will be published through Palamedes Publishing, the firm’s own registered publishing wing.

The award-winning agency, which is independent, represents some of the UK’s best-loved brands. It is also considered to be a market leader in book PR and counts leading publishing houses and bestselling authors as clients.

Despite its small size, both Palamedes PR and its new “little sister” PR firm in Norfolk, Iceni PR (, are regularly appointed in favour of larger “leviathan” agencies on account of the volume of media coverage they produce.

A spokesman for the firm said the new PR ebooks should be available on Amazon and/or iTunes by the end of the year, or directly from the Palamedes PR website.

He said: “There is no shortage of ‘how-to’ PR guides, most of which focus on creating the tools of our trade – writing press releases and pitches, for example.

“Yet the key to effective PR campaigns doesn’t lie in the method of message delivery, but rather in the message or idea itself.

“So unlike existing guides, our series of PR ebooks will delve a little more deeply into the mechanics of effective, real PR campaigns and identify what made them a success.”