Palamedes Wins Sweet Account

By Anthony Harvison

Palamedes has been appointed to represent the world’s first chocolatiers convention.

The agency was selected on account of its expertise securing national news coverage, and for its extensive media contacts. Palamedes has represented event organiser Angus Kennedy since 2009, and has secured well in excess of 1,000 page leads on his behalf internationally.

The Kennedy’s Chocolate Industry Network event on November 26 will feature more than 100 chocolatiers from 12 countries sharing new recipes and discussing prototype products yet to hit the UK (candy) stores. Some of the UK’s biggest confectionery brands, including Thorntons, Tunnocks,
Divine Chocolates, Lindt and Willie’s Cacao are also expected to attend the event. Other guests include up to 30 professional chocolate tasters, better known in the industry as Oompah Loompas.

Journalists: to secure your place, call 0203 1027935. Alternatively, visit our Press Centre at