Palamedes PR’s “coast to coast” ride raises £1,000

Saddle sore

Jon Kirk, left, with Antony Neads, at 5am on the start of a 250-mile ‘coast-to-coast’ charity ride. The two-day trip raised £1,000 for good causes

Jon Kirk of Palamedes PR has completed a coast-to-coast cycle ride to raise money for charity.

The 249.5-mile journey from Cromer in north Norfolk to Clevedon in Somerset took two days, 16.5 hours of which were spent in the saddle.

Jon and friend Antony Neads left the east coast at 5am on Good Friday and arrived in Somerset at 5pm the following afternoon.

The pair averaged 14.5 miles-per-hour despite driving sleet and snow; the average temperature was minus-one degree Celsius.

The ride raised at least £1,000 for a local playgroup near Jon’s family home in Norfolk.

“We’re really pleased to have raised so much money, and we’re very grateful to everyone who supported us,” he said.

But Jon, who has also completed a John O’Groats to Lands-End charity walk, added: “As ever, I really wish I’d trained.”

Further details about what our charitable donation, and how it will be used, will be added to the news site in coming weeks.

By Anthony Harvison