Palamedes PR, the London PR agency

Dr Sonja Falck

"Palamedes PR inspired my confidence in them right from the start with their enthusiastic interest in my book and the flawless professionalism and reliability with which they have handled – and followed-up on – every single communication they have had with me throughout. Publicity has been a brand new thing for me that I was quite tentative about, and they have been most generously supportive. I placed my trust in their judgment about a news angle, and they have proven that they are experts in knowing how to get media attention: I have been stunned by the very wide coverage received including international press and radio and television appearances. Palamedes have also helped me stay steady through tabloid etc. reactions that have been negative and sensationalising, with their clear-sighted attention to very calmly putting it all into perspective for me. It has been reassuring for me to have such an experienced agency on my side and by my side, and through it they have additionally been giving me a valuable education in how the media works. Palamedes have my admiration as clearly being excellent at what they do." – Dr Sonja Falck, author of Extreme Intelligence: Development, Predicaments, Implications (Routledge)