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Hugh Ashton

"It may be said that one sees, but does not observe, the curious incidents that make up one’s own life. The elementary solution is to call in the professionals from Palamedes – who tease out the relevant and interesting details, and present them in such a way that they become compelling reading. I very much enjoyed working with Anthony and the Palamedes team on the creation of the article about me and my writing, distributed through a nationally-distributed Web article, inviting readers to look at, and hopefully to purchase, my books. As a bonus, we also worked on creating a story with local interest for the print editions of the local regional press, which has already attracted notice. Many thanks for all of the professional guidance and help." Hugh Ashton, author of novels including Tales of Old Japanese, At the Sharpe End, Leo’s Luck, and 1894: Some adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, and founder of j-views Publishing

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