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Ralph Ellis

"The team at Palamedes worked tirelessly not only to achieve general media coverage, but also to ensure that the media package was a fair and honest assessment of the book being reviewed. This is a key aspect that is often ignored in both scientific and historical press releases, where the media coverage is a distorted embellishment of the original research. Thus the work Palamedes put into the media project was worth the cost, even if the media had not fully accepted the press release.  However, the happy result of this hard work was that a large number of significant media outlets in the UK and subsequently across Europe ran the story in their news sections, which generated a great deal of positive feedback. And since the blogsphere is continuing to debate the issues raised by this media exposure, we have every expectation of this coverage continuing well into the future." Ralph Ellis, author of 'Jesus, King of Edessa - April 2017

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