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Prison release care package could unlock job market for ex-offenders

Ex-offenders should receive free teeth whitening, new clothes and a haircut as part of a £1,000 ‘aftercare’-type package on release from prison, according to restorative justice campaigner and author James-Carre-Rice.

Carre-Rice, a client of author PR agency Palamedes PR, believes that giving ex-offenders free teeth whitening, new clothes and a haircut, as well as elocution lessons and interview training, will help them land a job and contribute to society.

He says the outlay is a fraction of the £40,000-a-year costs of keeping a prisoner behind bars and a small price to pay for safer streets.

The author, who himself spent eight years in total behind bars in his teens and early 20s, has been speaking about his proposal on radio this  week, with interview on The JVS Show on BBC Three Counties, Sunrise Radio and U105.

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