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Free diving champ swims like a dolphin in 20-mile underwater crossing

British-born freediving champion William Trubridge has enjoyed national news coverage after becoming the first person to swim one of the world’s most dangerous oceans underwater.

The story of William’s incredible feat crossing New Zealand’s notorious Cook Strait in 934 consecutive breath-holding dives has been covered by The Times.

Using a specially-designed fin to propel himself through the water like a dolphin, he completed the hazardous crossing, between New Zealand’s North and South islands, in just 9hours 15 minutes – two hours faster than most long-distance swimmers.

In total, he made 13,000 dolphin kicks at an average depth of between three and five metres, and held his breath for 5.5 hours.

Trubridge undertook the challenge in association with Palamedes PR client, conservation charity NABU International, to raise awareness of the endangered Hector’s and critically endangered Māui dolphins that are being decimated by commercial fishing around New Zealand’s coast, including the Cook Strait.

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Photo Credit: Grundy Productions

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