Regional coverage for Ben Hooper and Swim the Big Blue


Endurance swimmer Ben Hooper  (Image ©SWNS)

Palamedes PR, the UK’s leading event PR company, has secured coverage for Ben Hooper and the Swim the Big Blue expedition in the Gloucestershire Echo.

The newspaper’s website – which attracts over half a million unique visitors per month – has covered a story about Ben, from Cheltenham, reaching a training milestone in his bid to become  the first person in history to swim the Atlantic Ocean: completing 100,000 lengths in his local pool.

The endurance athlete, 36, took just one year to accomplish the astonishing feat at Leisure At, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He has swum an average of over 2,100 25m lengths each week since April 2014 – a total of 1,566 miles – the same distance as London to Madrid…and back.

The father-of-one aims to complete the Swim the Big Blue expedition in under four months, setting off from Dakar in Senegal on 1 November 2015 and hoping to reach Natal, northern Brazil by St David’s Day 2016.

If successful, he will go down in the history books as the first person in the world to have swam across an ocean in full, swimming every single mile of the 1,736 mile stretch of water.

For more information about the expedition, and to interview Ben, contact Palamedes PR on 0203 1027935.

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